Our Top 4 in April 2023

APRIL 2023 Newsletter

Spring has sprung, and we wanted to take this moment to share with you a few of our newest varieties that we are sure you will love.
First on the list is our Cali cabbage. This early, adaptable variety is perfect for late spring through early autumn seasons in California’s
cabbage-growing regions and autumn through spring for the Yuma area. Cali boasts attractive, well-uniformed heads, good wrapper leaves, and a short core. Its resistance to Foc makes it an excellent choice for growers, and its early and uniform maturity makes it ideal for fresh markets.
Next is our new Robello radish, a fast-growing, uniform, and high-quality hybrid with medium to tall tops and intense red color.
Robello’s multi-purpose usage and resistance to Downy Mildew make it an excellent choice for growers, and its round shape and outdoor
growing system makes it perfect for spring, autumn, and winter seasons.
Moonstone- is our new white long-day onion. Moonstone has a nice globe shape with good paper, as well, as good size and shape
uniformity. This Spanish-type onion has erect tops and a nice white sheen, also, it has good pink root resistance with great storage
capabilities. Moonstone is adaptable for the PNW, Mason Valley, and the San Joaquin Valley.
Last but not least, our seedless mini watermelon, Onza. This is a high-yielding variety with powdery mildew resistance and a strong vine. Onza’s excellent rind-to-flesh ratio makes it an ideal shipper, and its deep red internal color and long shelf life make it a consumer favorite.
We attached pictures of all Four varieties so that you can see them for yourself. If you are interested in any of these varieties or have
any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.

                                                    Onza,  Robello, Cali, Moonstone,

Thank you for your continued business, and we wish you a wonderful and bountiful growing season.