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    Berurim M.P Shikmim 7983700, Israel
    +972 (0)8-8502442

    Schanseind 27 4921 PM MADE

    Barry Younkin

    Western Sales Manager

    John Nance

    Product Development Excellence Manager

    Limor Golan

    Commercial Operations Manager

    Arno Van Staden

    Tomato Regional Product Manager USA

    Yair Askira

    Regional Product Manager Pepper and curcubit

    Jose Arias

    PD Specialist - West Coast

    Adalia Cajias

    PD Specialist - West Coast

    Kyle Freimuth

    PD Specialist - Southeast

    Joe Borchard

    PD Specialist, Desert Southwest

    Luuk van Buuren

    General Manager USA & Canada

    Laura Piacenti

    PD Specialist

    Rafa Mora

    Eastern Sales Manager

    Jason Pratt

    Product Development