The Tomato that Works for You – Camelot

In today’s world, we are witnessing a global trend of rising production costs and a shortage of labor. At Hazera, we are proud to present ‘Tomatoes that Work for You’, a new umbrella concept encompassing a range of tomato varieties designed to address the key challenges faced through the entire chain, such as a significant increase in production costs, labor shortage and sustainable agriculture. We sat with Arno Van Staden, Regional Product Manager for Tomato, to better understand the concept of “Tomatoes that Work for You.”

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Arno Van Staden: “At Hazera, we strive to develop tomato varieties that address the challenges faced by growers, retailers, and consumers alike. With our unique advantages, we aim to provide an innovative solution that improves efficiency, reduces waste, and enhances the overall experience for everyone involved in the tomato supply chain and Camelot is exactly that variety”, says Van Staden.

Among the main advantages for the Grower: Our tomato varieties come with a wide resistance package, some, such as Pendragon even include ToBRFV intermediate resistance, offering growers peace of mind against common diseases. Additionally, our varieties offer flexibility in workforce management, making it easier for growers to manage their labor resources efficiently.

One of the significant benefits for growers is the potential for up to 30% savings on manual labor due to our varieties’ efficient harvesting capabilities. With fewer unmarketable fruits, growers can expect a higher marketable yield, resulting in increased profitability. Moreover, our tomatoes ripen on the plant, enabling fast and efficient picking. This, combined with the ability to stretch harvest frequency up to 14 days on average, provides growers with greater flexibility and productivity.

Among the main advantages for the Retailer: Our tomato variety Camelot possess a long shelf-life and excellent firmness, reducing waste and ensuring that the product remains in optimal condition for a more extended period. With its red shiny skin and high brix levels, our tomatoes offer an appealing appearance that attracts consumers. Additionally, the uniform fruit size and weight throughout the growing season provide consistency and convenience for retailers in terms of packaging and display.

Among the main advantages for the Final Consumer: Consumers can expect superior quality and taste from our tomatoes. The longer storage capabilities of our varieties mean that consumers can enjoy the excellent flavor for an extended period. With our tomatoes, consumers can savor the taste they love for much longer, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

Learn more about the Tomato that Works for You- Camelot.