Mini Seedless Watermelon Exceed-ing Expectations

Mini Seedless Watermelon Exceeding Expectations

We are excited to share that Exceed, our innovative mini seedless watermelon, reached impressive results in the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2024 competition in Berlin.

Outstanding taste, color, and texture
Do not be fooled by its personal small size. Exceed is exceptional when it comes to flavor and texture. Bite into its juicy, crisp, deep red flesh, and you will meet with a sweet flavor (12-13 Brix) that will make your taste buds dance. With no seeds in it, you can exceed in creating mouthwatering dishes without any hassle.

Perfectly sized for modern living
In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key. That is where Exceed shines. With its compact size and weight range to 2.5 to 3 kg, Exceed is easy to store in the fridge, fitting seamlessly into modern households. The best part? It retains its juicy, sweet taste longer than its larger counterparts.

Extended shelf life for a greener tomorrow
Compared to traditional, seeded watermelons, Exceed has a longer shelf life, more freshness that help reduce food waste in both supermarkets and homes. That means you can enjoy the sweetness of Exceed for much longer, reducing the need to toss out spoiled fruit. This little one is available from September to May, so you can enjoy it for long time.

Exceeds in sustainability
Exceed is not simply good for your taste buds, it is good for the planet too. Thanks to its resistance to powdery mildew (IR: Px), growers can minimize the use of fungicide sprays, reducing their environmental footprint. Plus, its robustness allows for a 15-20% reduction in water usage, making it a win-win for growers and the environment alike. So, while Exceed may be small, its impact is big.

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