Evaluating the year in California- Full Review

Year Review by Adalia Cajias

Another year has come and gone; the ground has been turned over for the last time of the season.  As the fields are fallowed for the winter, the greenhouses are heating up. It is a never-ending cycle here in California and that is the beauty of this diverse state.  The warmth is leaving the air and brisk air is here, the fall season is coming to an end. Therefore, head to your local grocery store and get the final harvests of all the local cabbage & leeks from Northern California. They’re great to add to any warm stews, stir-fries, and soups as the winter season arrives.

As I finish up my evaluations in the field, I am heading back to my office to get my seed organized and prepared for the greenhouse. Seeds are being sown to prepare for our overwintering and early spring varieties.

This upcoming season I will be showcasing our leek variety Autora & Vigora in my trailing. Autora has a great tight fan, and the leaves are very erect. It has great uniformity and a good percentage of white on its shank. It would be an excellent variety to rotate in your crop production. Vigora Is also an excellent variety within our portfolio. It shows good size and excellent uniformity. Slightly more green color within the leaves so we have all traits you would ever need for your leek growing needs. Both varieties take around 115-140 days depending on the time of year they are planted. Also keep an eye out for new varieties in our development pipeline. We’re consistently getting new varieties to trial in addition to these great commercial varieties.

I am looking forward to another exciting year working with our amazing team in bringing forward the best Hazera pipeline we can offer in all our crops. Remember to think Hazera in the planning of your upcoming season. We have all your needs from the sweetest personal watermelons on the market to the most bountiful and delicious specialty tomatoes.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about our high-quality portfolio. Discover what Hazera has in store for you today!

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