New determinate Roma hybrid with nice quality fruit, suitable for hot-set condition, open field, bush or stake production.
The variety offers a very strong disease package including: Fol 3, TYLCV, and ToANV.

Fruit shape:Oval
Weight (gr):140-170
Recommended growing system:Open field Staking and Bush
Resistances:HR: Vd, Fol (race1,2,3), ToMV, Pst, TSWV, SI, ToANV IR: Mi, Mj, TYLCV
Recommended seasonYear Round

Crop Type

Roma/ Saladette

Plant Type




Planting Season

Year Round


ToMV, Fol, Vd, TSWV, Sl, Mj, TYLCV, Pst, Mi

Legal terms

* Resistant varieties may exhibit some disease symptoms or damage under heavy pest pressure and/or under adverse environmental conditions and/or in the face of new biotypes, pathotypes, races or strains of the pest that may emerge.
For tomatoes: Soil temperature above 27°C and other stresses may cause nematode resistance to break.

**please refer to the ISF definitions at
A copy of the definitions for terms describing reactions of plants to pests for the Vegetable Seed Industry, can be obtained at our offices upon demand.