2nd Annual Open Field Days in USA, California

In our 2nd Annual Open Days in USA (Woodland, California) we felt so privileged to meet and greet hundreds of visitors who responded with boundless enthusiasm. Together with Sales Managers and PD Specialists the visitors toured the field, got a comprehensive explanation of our crop roster and were the first to test new varieties in our crop collections.

During the event we launched new stars in our tomato range: The Determinate Roma type Hercules, a new grape La Joya and the new innovative specialty pink cherry Clavellina.

The mini watermelon winning team continued to grow and added new successful members such as Nectaro a watermelon with Deep red color, crunchy with excellent taste.

Dan Van Groningen, one of California’s largest watermelon growers, donated watermelon juice made by our sweetest watermelon variety, Ocelot. This was the highlight of the event and served as a cold refreshment in the 107 F° heat. At the end of the event all the products were donated to the Yolo country food bank.

We invite you to review our new catalog.