Compact and strong plant with
high yield potential. Very elegant
“Fishbone” cluster with long shelf
life fruit.
Fruit Shape: Globe
Diameter (mm): 25-35
Brix: 7%-8%
Production system:
Greenhouse, Net house, Open field.
Recommended season:
Spring, Autumn
HR: Fol (race 1-2), ToMV
IR: Mj



Growing System

Open Field

Planting Season

Spring, Autumn

Legal terms

* Resistant varieties may exhibit some disease symptoms or damage under heavy pest pressure and/or under adverse environmental conditions and/or in the face of new biotypes, pathotypes, races or strains of the pest that may emerge.
For tomatoes: Soil temperature above 27°C and other stresses may cause nematode resistance to break.

**please refer to the ISF definitions at
A copy of the definitions for terms describing reactions of plants to pests for the Vegetable Seed Industry, can be obtained at our offices upon demand.